Dylan Bryce

Doctorate of Physical Therapy and CPR certified

I am currently living in Maryland due to the coronavirus but I will be taking my boards at the end of May. Assuming everything goes well, I should be able to practice by mid-late June. I will be moving to Carolina Shores, NC shortly after taking my boards.
In my clinical experiences, I spent time building my patient management and treatment planning skills. I am focused and diligent when managing workloads and have thrived in high stress environments. I display my best qualities when I am able to make a direct impact utilizing my process improvement and complex problem-solving skills to find solutions and achieve desired results. I have designed wellness programs that provide me with the ability to add value and revenue. I have a strong background in pediatric care including experience treating children with cerebral palsy, Angelman Syndrome, PANDAS, amputations, genetic abnormalities, and reflex pathology.
My academic experiences have greatly contributed to the development of my decision-making, interpersonal, and time-management skills. I excel at communicating both clearly and professionally with co-workers, management, and patients.

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