Social Group Therapy (OT and Speech)

Performing therapy one on one obviously has its benefits. But we also know that people interact with one another. When you perform speech or movement activities in a group of other people, you not only apply what you have developed in individual therapy, you build confidence in your abilities.

Group therapy is a functional way of helping your child learn new things and practice their goals in a realistic setting. For example, if you are training to become a professional swimmer you can weight train and go for daily runs but the true test is when you get in the water and race alongside your competitors. Group therapy takes on a similar path. It is important to get the one-on-one support you need to gear up for the real world but mastering and transferring your goals to the real world takes place when you practice what you have learned outside of one-on-one settings. We all know therapy rooms with two people, free of distractions are quite different from our children’s classrooms, play groups and birthday parties. (

Group occupational therapy is no different. Patients need to perform activities of daily life with others, not just in a therapy room with a trained professional.

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